What has changed about PWEI? First, the band is more aggressive and hardened and have not stayed true to their origins. PWEI has really sold itself short taking on hardened vulgar lyrics instead of holding onto the bandís passionate subtlety. They may have changed the band name, but they have not evolved, nor have they earned the rite of passage.

What will they do with it if they ever get the chance to flex the rite when it is earned? It seems they will not get that chance. They stunned fans in early 2010 when the much anticipated remastered album, slated to be released under yet another new name, Vileevil, was never released. Fans waited anxiously and were disappointed, some returning merchandise and products bought in anticipation of this long-awaited release of the bandís first album in 5 years.

The Vile Evils disbanded in February 2010 after releasing four singles on US label dPulse. The sudden cancellation of The Vileevils Anthology Album release came just weeks before the slated release of this much-anticipated full length album. In July, 2010 the cancellation of that album and tour, and the break-up once again of the band, caused the planned DVD release to be cancelled as well.

Most notable is that this release marked the first ever commercially-available Vile Evils effort of any kind, 'Council Housed and Violent'. This was not a mash up or a remix, the track was built from scratch incorporating all new synths, bass, drums and samples, and it's a moody electro-rock hybrid. At the time this track was produced, there was a scarcity of lyrics . Those would come later as 'Fucking & Fighting', which was completed and released after 'Council Housed and Violent'. As a single, 'CHAV' notched #1 on many online charts. It was included on the 3kStatic album Voodoo Science, which was a candidate for a Grammy.

Today, people are asking, ďwhere did PWEIís website go? Even Vileevilís website hasnít been signed into in months and the latest reports are that the site only has approximately 69 members. It looks desolate. There are reports that Graham Crabb is holed-up currently putting together a new version of Pop Will Eat Itself to celebrate the band's 25th year in 2011. So why didnít the band hold off until 2011 when clearly they would receive more notice and acclaim for reaching such a pinnacle year in their careers? There are no answers forthcoming and no one is talking. Which brings about the question: was this a media ploy to increase old fan base and secure new fans? As the old saying goes, leave them waiting and wanting more! Will their fans be that forgiving after waiting so long for a new album? Are they that naïve to think that their fans will stick around until next year waiting for another album which wonít be released? Donít hold your breath PWEI or Vileevil or whatever name you contrive next year, you need to keep holding onto the fame to earn that right.

The Past

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